Society Of Universal Love


We are an OMNI-denominational church! We accept teachings and beliefs from all religions. We focus more on spiritual growth than dogma. We seek to unify peoples from all beliefs to the common purpose of helping the world and the people in it. We teach and live by the doctrine of Love. It is Love that brings us together and joins us. The power of love that heals. Love that brings forgiveness. We do not argue over a name to label what we don't understand. Instead we follow the path of Love which all religions and even nonreligious people can agree is a worthy course.

We do not teach or believe that there is only one true religion, but rather view all religions as different paths to the same goals.  All work towards good, and all have shown signs of power. If we combine the power from all, to work together and bring positive results, the only limitations will be our imaginations.

We are also the makers of "Spirit Water", restructured blessed spring water. Align the Body, Nourish the Spirit. We start with select spring water, then we label it with ancient symbols using the "Hado" technique to restructure the water for specific purposes. Then we gather our priests and spiritual leaders from various religious backgrounds and bless the water, imbuing it with "Love", "Good Health", "Energy", and other desirable attributes. Try it today! You'll taste the difference now, and feel the difference later.

We are also Founders of "Knights of the Soul", a private organization of good souls working together to make a difference. The Knights were developed to give people a chance to take an active part in helping others or the environment. They also hold events to raise money to fund the various projects they champion. Kindness, chivalry, and brotherhood, these are the attributes of a Knight. Are you part of the solution?

We welcome all at the SOUL church! No matter your race, color, religious beliefs, or lack of belief... You are still our brothers and sisters, and you will find Love here. We do not pass around a plate during services, or require tithes. But all donations are welcome and should be done in private, and for the most good, anonymously. There is a private donation box at the chapel. There will soon be an ATM style electronic donation booth and a link on the sidebar of this site for online donations. Please join us in our efforts to help the world and the souls in it.



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